Why to choose Travelwithyourdog.hu?

  Why to choose Travelwithyourdog.hu? Holidayand travel mean for most of the people the best moments of the year. Most of the dog owners would not like to leave out their dogs


  Dog-friendly accommodations We offer dog-friendly accommodations and excursion sites not only inHungary, but also in some of the neighbouring countries. You can search for accommodations on the map or you can


  Travelling with a dog You know well that your dog would like to join you, why do not you take him/her with you? However in order to travel safely and comfortably,

Doggy places

  Doggy places On our website we have collected such places where we can have carefree relaxation with our dog: excursion sites, watersides. We offer the excursion sites based on the experiences

Useful infos

General instructions, advices Do not feed your dog minimum 2 hours before travelling or doing sport with him/her. The body of dogs gets hot very quickly, they do not sweat like us,